Are disposable diapers safe to use for the skin of my baby?

There are many diaper washing services that are truthful in their claims.  I have the greatest respect for all the diaper services that have managed to survive.  It is hard not to feel sad for them when their market share has dropped so suddenly and so dramatically.  Did you know that less than 4% of all babies in the U.S. use a diaper service?   The fact of the matter is that even when we can recognize some marginal benefits of a highly breathable diaper,  it is even more important to have a dry environment for the health of the skin.  Nothing comes close to the dryness that a good disposable diaper can give to the baby’s skin. I dare the best cloth diaper in the world to challenge the re-wet and dryness of premium diapers. I would pay a reward of $100 if anybody can beat the best disposable diaper with a commercial cloth diaper (rewets after a 200 ml or a 300 ml urine insult).

There are still a few disposable diapers in the market that claim to be safer because they are made without any SAP. Some of them even go so far as to try to claim (indirectly, of course) that SAP is not good for the baby’s skin. In my opinion, this is an attempt to justify the lack of novelty in their own diapers -17 years ago all diapers were made without SAP! Wow, so much of novelty! A diaper without SAP!

And the statement that SAP is bad for the baby’s skin is a big lie!  Do not be fooled or tricked by it. Read what contemporary pediatricians have to say about SAP: “The important thing is that parents can feel reassured that these technologies, especially superabsorbent material, improve skin health and hygiene and that they have undergone rigorous testing to ensure safety.  It is because of SAP that diapers use much less pulp (much less volume); SAP can replace as much as four times its weight of fluff and that is good for the environment.  A disposable diaper without SAP is just poor intelligence and a poor marketing gimmick. To learn more about the health benefits and environmental aspects of disposable baby diapers, please follow this link for a free report: