Aren’t you concerned that baby diapers are using up our forests ?

I have been asked this (or similar questions) many times and it just shows that most people do not understand what is really happening. The woods used for  manufacture of cellulose are one of the best managed natural resources on our planet.  As years go by, the pine woods used for pulp are not only continuing to exist, but are actually growing! The reason is that woods used for pulp are good  business and as such, people involved in their administration make sure that their business will continue to be profitable in the long run.  Thousands of people make their living by making an intelligent use of these natural resources, the same way as most farmers take good care of their land. Opposing the use of pulp is as silly as being against agricultural farming.

Did you know that these people actually plant more trees than they cut?    Most people confuse the woods used for manufacture of pulp with Rain Forests

I am always ready to oppose

the uncontrolled exploitation of our very limited rain forests!  I have three kids and I want them to enjoy life and have a better “spaceship earth”( * yes, its a “clone” from my Epcot experience).  Not only for them but also for their great grandsons and future generations.

To learn more about the effect of disposable diapers on the environment, please use the following link:  Edana

Disposable Nappies – No Worse for the Environment Than Cloth Nappies     A Government commissioned life cycle assessment (LCA), co-ordinated by the UK Environment Agency, has been published today (May 18, 2005) and shows through independent analysis that disposable nappies have no greater impact on the environment than cloth nappies.