How can I improve my technical knowledge about the disposable diaper industry?

You are taking the first step by reading my web site. Another step could be hiring my diaper industry consulting services as I have several training seminars designed to teach you everything you may need to know about the diaper industry in just a few days, from complete feasibility studies in anticipation to the installation of a new diaper factory, to raw material suppliers that need a basic training for their sales force for a better understanding of the diaper industry.  Another way to improve your general knowledge is reading technical books, unfortunately there is none that talks specifically about the diaper industry.  But I am working on it (it will be ready for sale at the end of the year).  You have probably noticed that until now I have not sold you anything, I have only achieved the goal of selling myself as a diaper expert.  Well, now is the time for you to stop at my bookstore and purchase the reference books that you need to impress your boss and your clients.  You can buy books at:  Bookstore.