I am incontinent, can you help me. What can I do? I have tried everything!

First I have to say I am not a Medical Doctor, even when many people like to call me by my nick name “Dr.Diaper”.  I do not pretend to be an expert on incontinence either or a psychologist.  However, I would like to express one idea for you to think about considering that you have tried everything already, but please, my intention is never to offend but to try to inspire you: “So you are really incontinent?  Tape on a diaper and get on with your life.  Diapers are just plastic underwear!  It’s not such a big deal”  If you think this way, you will soon see there are other much more important things in life than to worry about that.  There is a life after the diapers.  Thousands of workers are proudly manufacturing diaper incontinent products all over the world so you can have a normal life.  Try to be happy by accepting the facts of life.  Take advantage of this invention. New generation diapers are thin, comfortable and leak proof.