I have a great idea to improve baby diapers…I am an inventor

Great ideas do not have to come exclusively from rocket scientists; anyone can be an inventor if inspiration strikes at the right time.  If you think you have a great idea that can be used for improvement of the disposable diaper, you may wish to sign our Non Disclosure Agreement (click here) to protect your intellectual property rights, this is only a suggestion or an option if you feel the need of it.   In comparison to most larger companies that have generally closed their minds to outside sources, we are “open minded” and are always ready to accept great ideas -we are sure that we are not “know-it-all’s” like some others out there claim to be.  I can assure you that if the idea is a good one, we can confidently offer it to one of my current clients who will show its appreciation to you, at the very least with an all expenses paid vacation for you and your family.  If you have a solid patent, we can even help you sell your idea to potential diaper factories all over the world (we are well connected within the diaper industry and have access to many open doors and know exactly where to knock).  You will need to hire our consulting services (by the hour), or it may be even free if we reach an agreement on sharing the revenue generated by your idea/invention. Of course this is assuming we believe it has marketing potential.  Filters that need to be passed by your idea are:

1) The idea must be a good one, and with a positive cost-benefit analysis.

2) A patent search must show that your idea has not been patented before.

3) It has to be workable in diaper manufacturing lines (viable not utopia).

4) It has to pass all safety tests including E.P.A. (Environmental Protection Agency), the F.D.A. (Food and Drug Administration) and provide a fair new claim for the F.T.C. (Federal Trade Commission).

The use of your idea by a diaper producer will be negotiated in a fair manner but I may caution that royalty based agreements are generally not accepted by most companies, though we can try.  Get your luggage ready!  I suggest a week for two with all expenses paid in Cancun.