I have been told that cloth diapers are better for the skin of my baby….?

This is simply not true!  There are many diaper washing services that confuse the consumer using very “old medical reports” that claim that cloth diapers are better for the skin of the baby.  They argue that cotton diapers breath.   A close analysis of these reports shows that mothers did not use the same pattern of changing diapers.  Disposable diapers were used for extended  times between changes while cloth diapers were changed because they leaked.  Most of such reports have compared very old disposable diapers (with modern cloth diapers), even from before they had started adding super-absorbent in the diapers (just look at the date of the report). Many disposable diapers are also breathable now.  Please read another question in this section to learn more about breathability.   Do not be tricked. I have explained how to test the performance of a diaper in this website, just carry out the tests for yourself:

Test Methods     The best experiment I have found to convince cloth diaper “fanatics” is actually a very simple experiment.  Wear the best cloth adult diaper you can buy for yourself and allow it to be wet for a few hours. Now compare your personal experience against wearing a good  (does not need to be the best) disposable adult diaper and do the same.  You will find out the cloth diaper is just the same as keeping a wet swimming suit and then putting dry cloths on top of it after you get out from the pool.  In a few hours you will not be able to stand it and you will feel a real treat once you put something dry instead.  This is why older babies using cloth diapers try to run naked from their mothers when she tries to put a new one.

There are some adults that like wearing diapers “just for fun” (I swear it is true it is called “infantilism”).  They even have their own well organized clubs, impressive.  I am not going to judge them as they are free to do whatever they want with their time and with their body, my respectful greetings to all of them (I beg for your pardon and I hope you do not take my comment in a bad manner).  By the way, you can see a few of the photos of adults wearing diapers that I have received over the years (I filtered only the cute ones): diaper models.

I took the liberty to ask a few adults how they feel after wearing a wet diaper for a long time.  All of them have the same answer – the dryer the diaper the better they feel.   This is another reason why I am so sure about what I am saying.  Please: Next time a cloth diaper fanatic sends me an offensive letter, at least do the last experiment that I suggested.  If you want to send me a strong counter statement, please present arguments.  I love intelligent conversations and even a good discussion but I also try my best to avoid stupidity.  Please do not send more pictures, I have more than enough. And no, I will not send or post more pictures.

Disposable Nappies – No Worse for the Environment Than Cloth Nappies     A Government commissioned life cycle assessment (LCA), co-ordinated by the UK Environment Agency, has been published today (May 18) and shows through independent analysis that disposable nappies have no greater impact on the environment than cloth nappies.