I want to start a manufacturing facility, can you help?

I can help you.  There is just one restraint.  I can not help you if you are located in one of the territories where I already have a signed exclusivity agreement.  If you are interested, please let me know where you plan to locate your facility and I would let you know if I am free to work in that area.  As a matter of fact, I have plenty of experience helping clients get started in the fascinating business of manufacturing disposable diapers.   Before you start placing your order for a new or a used disposable diaper line (we are now offering used diaper machines), we suggest that you consider the following facts:

1) It is always better to get started in this business if you already have a market.   May we suggest that you improve your market share by outsourcing diapers first. This way you can learn more about the market and, at the same time, you reduce the risk of investing in a new adventure that is very capital intensive.  Please understand that I do not make or sell any diapers. However, I may be able to help you find a good supplier close to your area of operations.  I have many contacts all over the world.  You can also look at my directory of diaper producers from all over the world: Asia, North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa.

2) The diaper industry is not for weak hearts and good advice is not always available.  You can count on us for honest advice about the facts of this business and if you are our client, you will get our help, not only to get you started but also to introduce you to the right raw materials’ suppliers.  We can also help you increase your plant productivity and improve the quality of your products at the same time.  We offer consulting services by the week but also charge by the day or by the hour.  We accept Internet payments using Paypal, Visa, Mastercard and American Express.  Please visit Richer Investment for more details about our professional diaper consulting services.

3) Please understand that there is no such thing as a “free lunch”, though you can expect some basic knowledge for free – I hope you would agree that this page and this website do provide a good deal of knowledge about the diaper industry. However I will require you to be my client if you need detailed information.  Unless you are planning not to profit from the diaper manufacturing site for humanitarian reasons (example ONG’s), I am willing to do volunteer work and do my part to help this planet, but please do not ask me to work for free if you are planning to get a revenue from your project.  There is a list even of other consultants in my directory; please feel free to use it: Diaper Consultants.  There is a short description of the diaper manufacturing process: Diaper Process.  I can give you more detailed information about the diaper manufacturing process but you will need to hire me for at least one hour of consulting.  You can look at my personal curriculum vitae: who is Carlos Richer? and you can read about what I do here: About Carlos Richer.

4) To avoid failure and disappointment, please do not even consider the diaper business if you do not have at least  a million dollars in capital and that is just for the very basic capital requirements, assuming a used or a very basic machine.  You need at least another quarter to half-a-million for  working capital, in order to secure the letters of credit needed at the start of the operations.  Click here for more information about the capital required to start a disposable diaper factory.  Recently I get many inquiries from Argentina. I am glad its economy is improving now.  Most people want to start a home “garage type” manufacturing facility.   I am sorry but with all due respects, I do not sell “home garage” diaper machines.  There is a company in Brazil and another one in South Africa which supplies such small equipment.  I believe “home garage” machines can be successful only in very underdeveloped countries, where the big players (Kimberly Clark and Proctor & Gamble) have not entered as yet.   For a list of diaper machine builders worldwide, please click: America, Europe, Asia.  For a list of second hand diaper machines, click:  Used diaper machines for sale.  If you want to take advantage of my internet traffic and use my classified section to sell a machine or offer a diaper industry related job, please contact me directly at: My E mail