Mr. Richer, are you a “Diaper Lover”?

I have been questioned by some members in private adult incontinence clubs, yes as odd as this may seem, there are some  clubs which members like to shear their experience of wearing diapers publicly. They want to know if I am a diaper lover, after all they say I am some kind of diaper guru in this industry.  I have to admit I was not really sure of the meaning of the question.  Had to do some internet research to understand its true meaning.  I have made my living from disposable diapers for many years; helping to improve their design and making sure they are safe and more comfortable to the user.  In that respect, I believe you can safely say it probably means I am a “diaper lover”.  However, if you were to imply or asking me if I like to wear diapers “just for fun”, like some people seem to enjoy in these clubs, the answer is no,  I do not wear diapers.  The truth is that I prefer to wait until I really need them, hopefully when I am much much older…   I hope I have not offended anyone, you are free to do whatever you want to do with your free time, even better if you consume diapers made by my clients all over the world.  As long as it does not interfere with other’s people liberties, Have fun!