What is your opinion regarding the use of disposable diapers inside the pool?

Since the introduction of the “little swimmers” by Kimberly Clark, parents are inclined to believe that it is OK to swim with your baby in the pool; after all, he/she is wearing a disposable diaper.   The only problem is that diapers are designed to absorb and retain liquids, an impossible task when underwater.  There are very few things that are more enjoyable for a baby (and for that mater for the parents too) than playing with parents in the pool, specially on a hot summer day.   Unfortunately diapers are not designed to contain liquids while they are submerged in water. Because of this reason, the risk of water contamination is huge, specially if you are planning to swim in a large public swimming pool.  The only advantage of “little swimmers” or similar products is that they do not contain any SAP so you will not end up finding SAP gel floating on the pool.  However the problem is not finding SAP on the pool or weather or not SAP is toxic, the real problem is the water contamination.  The risk of getting an infection is far greater from feces than by the ingesting of residual amounts of SAP.  I was recently told of a particularly embarrassing situation (as a matter of fact I am not even sure if it is all true or if it has been exaggerated), the final result of which, according to the hotel manager who told me about the situation, was the need to remove and refill 150,000 liters of water –  a two year old baby wearing a diaper had decided to “use it” when his father was jumping him up and down (I call it “the melting log” syndrome).  He told me that they tried to get the stuff out of the pool but it just dissolved in front of everybody, making the situation even worse.   When the temperature of the water is cool, I believe the probability of such an event to happen is quite low, as the human nature is to contract the sphincter; however, when the water is warm, as it was in this particular case, anything is possible.  So be careful when you mix a warm water pool with a baby.  You may be laughing now but it was not so funny for  the people who were using the same pool in the hotel – they all had to get out of the pool.   Please play all you can with your baby and also teach your baby how to swim (a very important lesson for a lifetime), but please do it in a small private pool, not in a large public swimming pool. Many hotels now offer a small pool with an independent filtering system, that would be OK.   Do not do unto others what you would not like done unto you. (“El respeto al derecho ajeno es la paz”… Benito Juárez, former Mexican President 1872).