Where can read about the future of the disposable diaper industry?

A good reference point is  my last paper presented at the Insight Conference at Minneapolis on 10th of October, 2005. This paper explains the price war cycles and talks about the future of the diaper industry over the next 25 years.  There are two versions of the paper – a word document and the power point presentation.  You can download a copy of these files here:  word version,  power point version (it may take a few minutes to load). Another excellent article about the future of the absorbent core can be found here: Insight 2006. You can also read Mr. Richer’s latest article published in the Nonwoven Industry Magazine January 2007 using this link: click here   Carlos Richer has been invited to be a guest speaker at the Sao Paolo Textile show in Brazil on February 28, 2007.d  He will also attend the IDEA show in Miami in April 2007.  You can catch him there, he is always happy to answer your questions about the diaper industry.