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We are eager to provide you with the best consulting services available to the disposable diaper industry today.  If you are looking to get started in the disposable diaper business, we can teach you and help you understand what is needed in order to avoid common and costly mistakes.  If you are already a diaper producer, our in depth diaper factory audits can help you identify problems and save you tons of money. Our most popular audit services are based on a three day visit covering most areas of the diaper manufacturing process: from diaper design, potential cost saving opportunities, identifying diaper machine upgrades, teach you on the use of statistical models to improve diaper performance, review and improvement suggestions to your current quality system, suggestions on how to take full advantage of your automatic inspection systems, setting up or improving your quality control lab, diaper machine troubleshooting software to reduce downtime with operator training; all the way to specialized training seminars on that topic where you may be more interested or where you feel you are not up to date.  We have also considered positions as independent technical advisor for the board of directors for strategic and long term planning decisions.  You can get a better idea of my skills  reading my last technical paper on the topic of diaper absorbent core trends:

Absorbency: Does anyone really knows what it is? (1.7 MiB)

          For those companies supplying raw materials to the hygienic industry, I can prepare specialized training seminars to help your staff to better understand the disposable hygienic industry and its needs – the products and their features and how you may help your clients do better.  I have contacts with a dedicated team of diaper industry experts who specialize in many  relevant subjects (from intellectual property to specific research and development projects).   I have also been involved in several patent litigations, as an expert witness.  I have  worked on valuating damaged goods on warehouse claims raised against insurance policies, and for doing diaper machine appraisals for financial institutions.   We can offer consulting services by the hour if you have just a few questions.  I can use either the Internet (messenger) or long distance telephone.

        For medium and large diaper traders, we can test diaper performance using our Diaper Testing Laboratory to help you identify weaknesses and strengths between different diaper designs and help you select or do a better negotiation with your current suppliers. We currently provide technical support to the third largest buyer of diapers in the world.   In a different topic, If you have a used diaper machine or a complete hygienic factory to sell, we can find potential buyers all over the world.  Take advantage of our large file of contacts, modesty apart, few people are better known to the diaper industry.
Our Total Satisfaction Guarantee for diaper manufacturers.

If you are already an established diaper manufacturer, when you “try” our consulting service (our “three day audit visit or a full week” package), you will receive our full no-cost guarantee of satisfaction.     If a client who takes the risk of hiring us is not completely satisfied with our services or if he (she) believes we did not provide the expected results or did not deliver what was expected from our service brochure, then we do not charge any consulting fees.  We only require a short one page feedback report for our own internal and continuous improvement analysis.  You will pay only travel and living expenses incurred during the trip.  If you are not fully satisfied with us, we do not make a single cent and that is my personal promise to you!  You have basically nothing to loose.  On the contrary, we are quite likely to help you save several times the money you invest in our services (and I am only being objective; not modest).   We can offer this guarantee because we feel absolutely sure that you are going to be satisfied with our work and we want to earn your confidence for future assignments.  We are also prepared to accept “exclusivity” and N.D.A. contracts for specific geographic regions and for specific research and development projects. We have already audited diaper factories in more than 20 countries in four continents.  If you are interested in our current “three day” package or in our service by the hour, please contact us either by Email or on phone. Description of our consulting Services:  Consulting Service Options.

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