Chemical Engineer ITESM, Monterrey 1974-1978 (Graduated with Honors).
Master’s in Mechanical Engineering (M.S.), University of Wisconsin 1978-1980
Ph.D. Engineering, 1980 – 1982 (Not Finished), University of Wisconsin-Madison
Graduate Studies: Business Administration, 1984-1986 ITESM, Monterrey.
Total Quality Management Graduate (The Quality College, Crosby,1989)
Business Administration 1992-1993 IPADE MBA (elected class official)
Case Studies in Business from 1993 to 1999 IPADE Monterrey. AD-1
Case Studies in Business from 2001 to 2004 IPADE Monterrey, AD-1
Graduated from the “Family Business Program” IPADE-BBVA Sep 2006
Graduated from the Innovation and New Technologies- ADIT-IPADE 2008-2009

Graduate Teacher Assistant, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, USA 1978-1980
Graduate Research Assistant, University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA 1980-1982
Production Manager, Plásticos Omega 1982-1984, Tijuana, Baja California.
Production Manager, Absormex S.A. de C.V. June 1984 to January 2000
Director General of Absormex S.A. de C.V. January 2000 to March 2005
33 years experience in manufacture of disposable diapers.
Produced the Best Mexican diaper: “Revista del Consumidor” Agosto 1997.
Responsible for the first degradable diaper in the world. March 2000.
First diaper Company in the world to get the ISO 9001 version 2000, December 2000
Largest Mexican exporter of diapers to the United States in 2000.
Produced the Best Mexican diaper, “Revista del Consumidor” 2003.
Several patents in the area of diaper degradability and elasticized diapers.
Several pending patents in the area of diaper diuresis and urine extraction by capillarity
Member of the Board of Directors, Grupo Detcel November 2007-2010
Member of the Board of Directors, Plasticel November 2007-2010
Invited as advisor to the board and consultant to Parasol Co and Medisens, since 2015

Director of Richer Investment, Diaper Consulting Company, April 2005 to present.
Opened a Diaper Testing Laboratory, August 2005 to present.
Guest Speaker, at Insight Conferences (2000, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009) all in USA.
Guest Speaker at ABINT, Sao Paolo Brazil, 2010
Guest Speaker at the Nonwovens Symposium, Marrakech Morocco, 2010
Guest Speaker at INDA`s VISION 2012 New Orleans, Jan 2012.
Guest Speaker at EDANA`s Outlook 2012 in Barcelona, Oct 2012
Guest Speaker at INDA`s Vision 2014 in Dallas, Jan 2014
Guest Speaker at Outlook Plus, INDA`s and EDANA`s joint event, Sao Paolo, Brazil 2015
Guest Speaker at Outlook Plus, INDA`s and EDANA`s joint event, Sao Paolo, Brazil 2017
Responsible for INDA’s Diaper Workshop at Vision 2013, Orlando USA, Jan 2013.
Responsible for INDA`s Diaper Workshop at Vision 2014, Dallas USA, Jan 2014
Responsible for INDA`s Diaper Markets Workshop at Hygienix 2015, St.Petersburg, FL Oct 2015
Responsible for INDA`s Diaper Workshop at Hygienix 2016, Orlando, FL Oct 2016
Invited to present INDA´s Diaper Workshop at Hygienix 2017, Austin, TX Nov 2017
Presented the first prototype for the Disposable Personal Toilet in Geneva, Index 2014, Apr 2014
Audited many diaper companies in Asia, Middle East, Africa, and America from 2005 to 2017.
Active clients in 28 countries (including OEM`s, Raw Material Suppliers, Law firms, Insurance companies, Inventors, and Diaper Factories)
Owner of The Disposable Diaper Network Group at LinkedIn, the largest diaper network in the world with 7,500+ members located in 170 countries.

To contact me please use: Skype: Drdiaper
15 E Racing Cloud Spring, TX, US 

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