Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the components of a typical disposable diaper?
  2. I have a great idea to improve baby diapers…I am an inventor
  3. We want to test baby diapers for our science fair project….
  4. How can I test the performance of a diaper?
  5. Aren’t you concerned that baby diapers are using up our forests ?
  6. I want to start a manufacturing facility, can you help?
  7. Is it easier to make a sanitary napkin instead of a disposable diaper?
  8. Don’t you feel bad working in a field that generates so much waste?
  9. Can you explain the manufacturing process of a disposable diaper?
  10. I have been told that cloth diapers are better for the skin of my baby….?
  11. Are disposable diapers safe to use for the skin of my baby?
  12. When was the diaper invented and can you explain its evolution?
  13. Can you show me photos of baby diaper machines?
  14. Which disposable diaper is the most friendly for the environment?
  15. How do you make the nonwovens used in the diaper?
  16. Why are all major diaper brands switching the new “cloth-like” backing?
  17. How can I improve my technical knowledge about the disposable diaper industry?
  18. How many diapers are required every day to satisfy the world consumption?
  19. What is your opinion regarding the use of disposable diapers inside the pool?
  20. What is the origin of the word “diaper” or the word “nappy”?
  21. What is the pH of Urine of a typical Baby or Adult?
  22. Where can read about the future of the disposable diaper industry?
  23. Can I use your classified section to promote a job offering or a diaper machine?
  24. Is it OK to test diaper performance using regular tap water and table salt?
  25. What is the effect of the water temperature in the performance of the diaper?
  26. What is the expiration time for a disposable diaper?
  27. I am incontinent, can you help me. What can I do? I have tried everything!
  28. Mr. Richer, are you a “Diaper Lover”?
  29. Why are you giving away our industry top secrets to the general public?