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Welcome to my disposable diaper industry Website. This is the largest and the most complete collection of information and links for disposable absorbent products. You will not find a better source of information specialized in the disposable absorbent industry on the Internet. The Site is equipped with a top navigator bar; use it to move to any and all of the different areas of the Site. In this page, you will find a short tutorial explaining the most interesting sections that you will find in my Site.  I also mange the largest Disposable Diaper Network group at LinkedIn, we have more than 4,600 top executives representing the diaper industry in more than 165 countries.  If you want to be updated of diaper industry news you may want to register using the following link:

On this website you will find a F.A.Q. section located at the very top of the page where many common diaper related questions are answered – if you have a question, please read this section before you send me a question. The list of questions keeps growing; so visit frequently. Any additional questions that you have about the disposable diaper industry can be sent to me using this E-mail. I will gladly answer any questions if you do not mind receiving a small promotional package of my consulting services in return. There is also a large collection of data explaining the history of the diaper, definitively the most complete reference for anyone who is just entering this business and wants a quick update. If you would like to see a more detailed list of events in the diaper industry, please use this link:Time-Line  You can also download a copy of my last presentation at Insight 2009 where I talked about how to compare diaper performance, you can download it here: Who is who in diaper performance.  I have been teaching the Diaper Workshop at the Visioon 2013 in Orlando and the Vision 2014 in Dallas, Texas.  To get a list of diaper industry consultants worldwide (you are invited to compare my services and offers with those of my competition, I am still the only one offering full 100% guarantees), please follow this link: Diaper Consultants.

If you are interested in purchasing disposable products, you can find a list of diaper manufacturers and diaper distributors from all over the world: Asia , North AmericaSouth AmericaEuropeMiddle East, and Africa . Please let me know if there is anyone missing on my list to add it immediately, it is a free service. This list is your best reference of diaper producers in the whole Internet. If you are looking for a new job in the diaper industry and you already have experience in this industry, or you are offering a job, I suggest you enter my Disposable Diaper Network group at LinkedIn. Please click here if you want a FREE TRIAL subscription to Nonwovens Markets courtesy of Richer Investment: Free Trial.

Let me know what you think about this humble Site and give me your valuable feedback regarding new sections that you want me to add in the future. Most of my pages are heavily loaded with information; unfortunately this also takes time to unload. If you are using a slow internet connection, please be patient. If you have cable, you should be OK. If you are not able to use the navigational bar, that probably means that you had a loading issue; you may need to hit the refresh button if the download freezes while unloading. The navigational bar should be operational in all pages.  I am going to open a few more sections in this website in the following months: diaper volume sales, including the largest diaper growing countries with “top ten” contenders (always under construction, but interesting enough already); company news of some of the largest diaper makers in the world; practical utility tools for the analysis of diaper performance; diaper analysis of popular brands.

You can listen to a selection of my music following this link (the list keeps growing): Carlos Richer’s Music. If you have an additional link that you believe is important to the disposable industry, please send it and I will add it; as always, this too is a FREE service. Please understand that only links related to the disposable diaper industry will be accepted.

Finally, thank you for helping me make this Website the uncontested number one place of reunion for the disposable diaper industry worldwide (click if you are interested in reviewing my 

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and where they are coming from). If you think this Site is helpful, just imagine what I can do for you as your diaper consultant: Richer Investment.

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