Asia Diaper Factories

AAB International Group, CN
Aisinile, fem. care, adult and baby diapers, CN
Aall & Zyleman Manufacturing, Hello Baby CN
Aier Sanitary Products Co, CN
Algen Distribution Sdn (Malaysia)
American Hygienics Corp, Baby, Fem Care and Wipes, CN
Ana International (baby diapers), IN
Anpers (adult diapers and pants), MY
Anting Jinjiang Sanitary Products Co, CN
Baron China Co. Ltd, CN
Baiya (Howdge brand), CN
Bella India(TZMO), IN
BJ Best Healthcare,Fem Care and Underpads CN
Care Corporation, Adult Diapers KR
Chiaus Fujian Industrial Development, CN
Daio Paper Corporation, JP
Dima Products (fem. care), IN
Disposable Soft Goods, HK
Dongguan Baishun Paper, CN
Do Cares (Quanzhou), CN
Drypers Malaysia, MY
Everbeauty Corporation, TW
Fudak, Baby Diapers, MY
Fujian Hengli Group, CN
Fujian Panda Diaper Co, Ltd, CN
Fuzhou Angel Commodity Co, CN
Gilliani Hygienic Products Pvt, PK
Global Marketing Ventures (Baby Diapers), MY
Guangdong Winsun Personal Care Products, CN
Hangzhou Shutai Sanitary Products, CN
Hangzhou Haoyue Industrial Co. CN
Haso Ltd, Disposable underwear JP
Hebei DiNuan Technology Co (adult and baby), CN
Hebei Tiny Hygiene Co, CN
Hengli Yancheng Sanitary Articles, CN
Huxin Paper Jiangmen Co, CN
Incepta Hygiene and Hospicare, BG
Idore (baby diaper and pants), CN
International Contract Manufacturing, PH
Jajoo Hygiene, Underpads, IN
Jasmine Hygiene Products (Sarda Group), NEPAL
Jinjiang Anting Sanitary Products, CN
Jing Xin Nonwoven Products, CN
Joylink Enterprises Inc, Hygiene products, CN
Kamal Healthcare Products Ltd, IN
Kao Corporation, JP
King World Health Diaper Co, CN
Lead Care, Adult and Baby Diapers, MY
Mimosa Hygienic Technology Ltd, CN
Nobel Hygiene, Adult and Baby diapers, IN
NTPM, Baby diapers, MY
Oji Paper, JP
Pigeon Corporation, JP
Procter & Gamble, IN, CN, TW
Quality Hero, Baby Diapers, MY
Quanzhou Agree Sanitary Products, CN
Quanzhou Tianjiao Lady & Baby Hygiene Supply Co., CN
Quanzhou Tianlong Hygiene Products Co., CN
Romsons-RGI Meditech, Adult Diapers, IN
RMCP, Baby Diapers, MY
RSPL Ltd, Fem. Care, IN
Safilo Healthcare, Baby Pants, Fem.Care, IN
Shandong Industries Pvt Ltd, Fem.Care, IN
Shandong Mimosa Hygienic Technology, Baby and Adult Diapers, CN
Shandong Mimosa Huawen Industrial Co, Baby and Adult Diapers, CN
Shenzhen-Heng Fang Paper Co, CN
Shiawasedo, JP
SJ Circle, Baby Pants, MY
Softex Indonesia, Hello Kitty baby diapers, IND
Sunkisscare (baby and adult diapers), CN
Tianhe Women and Children Goods,CN
Unicharm, JP, IN, CN
Wipro Enterprises (private label), IN
Xiamen Amor Hygiene (baby, adult and fem care), CN
Xiamen Oudi Imp. & Exp.Trading Co, Fem.Care, CN
Yuxiang Sanitary Ind. Co.,Ltd CN
Z&J Hygienic Pvt. Ltd, PK

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