American Made Diaper Machines

AST, Automated Systems of Tacoma (diaper lines), US
GDM do Brasil (diaper lines), IT
How to choose a diaper machine, MX
Fameccanica Do Brasil (diaper lines), BR
JOA, Curt (diaper lines), US
Paper Conv. PCMC (baby wipes lines), US
How to buy a diaper machine (information), MX

Machines in other areas: American Made, European Made, Asian Made

Auxiliary Equipment: Hot Melt Equipment, Cutting Tools, Vision Systems

Note(*) Carlos Richer does not recommend the use of slow diaper machines where speed is less then 300 baby diapers per minutre or 150 adult diaper per minute, this is due to the difficulty of finding a raw material supplier willing to sell directly without an intermediary. You may end up paying much higher raw material prices.

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