Auxiliary Equipment Suppliers

Abix Corporation (conveyor belts, transmission specialists), UK
Acrison (SAP applicators), US
Aichele Werkzeuge (rotary dies), DE
Amotek (automatic bagging), IT
Apro Technologie (hot melt tanqs), DE
Argus Fire Control (metal detectors), US
Beta LaserMike (speed encoders), US
Blower Application Co. (blower), US
Cam Machinery (automatic packing equipment), CN
CB Packaging (packing equipment), IT
Cellulose Mills (mills), IT
Chase Machine & Eng. (ultrsonic lam), US Cognex (vision inspection), US
CTC (unwinders, autosplice), US
Double E Co(shafts, rollers, web guides), US
Drum Forming (drum formers), IT
Dukane (ultrasonics),US
Epoch Industries (idler rollers)
Erhardt & Leimer (guiding systems), US
Fife (guiding solutions), US
FireFly AB (spark detection), US (Packaging Machines), DE
General Magnaplate (metal coatings), US
Gevas (packaging machines), DE
GreCon (spark detection)
Heat, Inc. (temp. control units)
Herrmann Ultraschalltechnik (ultrsonic), DE
Ibis (rotary filters & sap feeders), US
Innovent (Core forming Systems/drums),US
Isra-Vision AG (inspection systems), DE
Jet Edge (waterjet cutting)
Kennametal (die cutting), DE
Labayen y Laborde (die cut units), SP
Larson/Burton (splicers, unwinds)
Luwa (air and ventilation systems), SW
Martin Automatic (tension ctrol), US
Micro Design Systems, (SAP feeders), IT
Optima (automatic bagging), DE
Osprey Corp. (rotary filters), US
Otto Stuber (electronic Sensors),DE
Overend Technologies(Lycra Unwinder),US
Pearl (Material Web Spreaders), US
Process Filter Sweden (air filters), SE
Prodec SA (case packing), SP
Promea (elastic tape applicator), IT
Quanzhou Cam Machinery (automatic packaging for diapers), CN
Robatech (Hot Melt Equipment)
Roll 2 Roll Technologies (web guiding systems) US
Sacif Srl. (vacuum belts & conveyors), IT
Shangai Tominaga (packing equipment), CN
Shanghai Yuliu Packaging Machinery Co,Ltd (packaging equipment), CN
Sierem-Optima (packing equipment), FR
Sonicor (ultrasonic cleaning), US
Techadhesion (hot melt equipment), CN
Testing Machines Inc (test equip)
Tidland (Air Shafts), US
Tool Source inc.(specialty tooling)
Viehoever (tape unwinders, fluted), DE
VideoJet (printing solutions), US
Vire Automation, IT (packaging systems)
Warade PackTech (packaging machines), IN
Wintriss Eng.(vision systems), US
World Wide Rotary (dies & anvils)
Yuliu Packaging Machinery (packaging equipment), CN
Zenith Pumps (metering pumps)

Machines in other areas: American Made, European Made, Asian Made

Auxiliary Equipment: Hot Melt Equipment, Cutting Tools, Vision Systems

Note(*) Carlos Richer does not recommend the use of slow diaper machines where speed is less then 300 baby diapers per minutre or 150 adult diaper per minute, this is due to the difficulty of finding a raw material supplier willing to sell directly without an intermediary. You may end up paying much higher raw material prices.

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