Our Diaper Testing Lab

We are experts at testing adult and baby diapers, in fact that is all we do.  A difference with many other labs out there, is that we only test diapers, while they test 100s of different products not even related to the personal hygiene industry.  We provide the perfect analytical tool, not only to diaper manufacturers and new diaper investors, but also to private label owners and large diaper traders, who want to have detailed information about the products they buy.

We can help you identify the differences between several diaper brands by providing you with a professional diaper performance benchmark and an executive summary report where you will learn which one is the best option, as well as the weaknesses and strengths of each brand.  We have tested hundreds of brands from all over the world, this gives us a unique global vision on the topic of diaper performance.

If you are interested in starting a new diaper project, and you need to know the cost of manufacturing of a particular brand of diapers, we can help you identify each exact individual component used in the manufacture of a diaper brand, not only the list of components but the exact quantity used in the diaper, making it easy to put this data into your local raw material pricing Excel sheet to find out the actual raw material cost of each brand.  Lets us know how many brands you want to test in order to send you a formal quotation.  Let us know if you are interested in the diaper performance, the reverse engineering report, or both.

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